What is Alpha Theta?

Alpha/Theta training can be explained as being like a deep meditation. Through guided imaginary and feedback for alpha and theta waves the mind is guided into a deep relaxation and the body is able to relax. Theta waves are produced by the subconscious mind, that part of our mind that holds long-term memory and is also the store house of creativity. Alpha provides the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.
Too often in our busy lives we neglect to relax deeply and listen to our “inner voices”.  Alpha/Theta training in combination with Neurofeedback allows you to do exactly that.
The role of Alpha-theta training is three-fold:
  1. It physiologically, psychologically and perceptually distances the environment and allows the person to calmly focus inward.
  2. It quiets cortical function and especially the verbal self-sensor.  Because of this, the core of self is allowed to emerge into awareness through imagery.
  3. As the EEG becomes more coherent over larger brain regions, which enlarges the subjective boundary of the self and draws others into one’s affective embrace.

In this state, problems in one’s life can be positively restructured and past traumas may be defused and integrated.

Alpha-theta training is used for many conditions like chemical dependency, PTSD, unresolved emotional issues, and for optimum mental fitness.