Below are some testimonials of people who have experienced the effects of neurofeedback:

“For many years I have lived with severe stress and trauma.  Consequently I began to “shut down” and I was beginning to find it difficult to cope with daily life and could not see my future in a positive way.  It was difficult to concentrate and simple tasks seemed difficult.  After some sessions of neurofeedback I began to see my life in a much more positive way. After the first session I slept better, and now, somehow, even my eye sight has improved.  I cannot speak highly enough of neurofeedback.” (Female patient, 70 years old)

“Our daughter came into our family from an orphanage and many years later the effects of trauma and neglect are still evident. Doris Dehm is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner who has guided and supported us every step of the way. Neuro Reorganization and Neurofeedback are giving our daughter the opportunity to reach her full potential and live the life she deserves.” (Female, 45 years old)

Another testimonial from Jenny in relation to the Neurofeedback treatment of her best friend (BF) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease about 6 years ago

“Since the early April we have noticed these changes in BF:

  1.  Confidence improvement- less fragile/dithery, more able to focus on what she can do, not what she is no longer able to do.
  2. Eye contact-we feel that she looks at us when we speak to her –“not past us” as previously
  3. Her glorious laugh has returned , it has been AWOL for some time.

We recently spent Queens birthday weekend with a small group of friends at the beach at Jan Juc, (previously BF has not been confident to stay overnight but this is no longer the case). We all went for a late afternoon walk on the front beach at Torquay, as we were strolling along, BF “took off” running, we called out- “are you OK”. She replied , I am going for a run , it was a ‘delightful” moment for us to share, when we caught up to her, she told us all how wonderful she feels when she runs (this surface was straight & “safe”), I replied that she is as just like our kids used to be, running off on us without warning !!!!!!!!! we all had a good laugh 🙂

I also feel that your treatment has a “holistic” element that has contributed to BF’s progress which in turn contributes to her “life quality”.”