What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a natural, non-invasive therapy which gives lasting, drug-free relief from a wide range of disorders.

Neurofeedback helps your brain to access the information it needs to achieve improved stability and optimised function, allowing the brain to achieve better self-regulation.

It is a powerful, non-invasive exercise that helps to strengthen and regulate the brain and central nervous system and guides towards a more appropriate, calmer and stable brain state. It can be used for calming stress, regulate imbalances, or help a well performing brain to achieve even better levels of brain function. As it does this, the brain’s functions improve which allow it to experiences changes in emotional states and daily function.

With Neurofeedback the brain transforms its own internal patterns of communication and functions. Neurofeedback is a powerful and effective therapeutic tool.

The treatment plan targets brain regions and processes specific to each individual’s condition and symptoms.

During a session sensors are placed on specific sites on the scalp for each individual client. These sensors monitor the brain’s moment to moment activity, which is reflected onto a screen in front of the client in real time. This display of the brain’s activity can be watched and listened to while playing a game, watching a movie or enjoying a pleasant audio-visual display.

As subtle changes occur on the screen, overtime the brain recognises these changes are reflections of its own internal activity. This information shows the brain its own function and the brain in-time, adjust, refines and attunes itself in response. This entire Neurofeedback process occurs below the level of conscious thought or intent.

Neurofeedback by-passes the client’s conscious mind. It goes directly to the core impulses and brain processes and as such is able to regulate the brain functions which produce every individual’s conscious experience of the world.

While doing Neurofeedback therapy client’s experience a pleasant relaxation, clarity of mind and an improved general sense of well-being.

To maximise optimal therapeutic effects we recommend also addressing dietary, lifestyle or environmental aspects that may contribute towards the client’s presenting symptoms.